Cybertruck Bracelet

More than a Tesla Key

Cybertruck Bracelet

More than a Tesla Key

Tesla Key

Upgrade your Tesla driving experience.
It works just like a Tesla key card.

Cybertruck Bracelet - front view


Cybertruck Bracelet can be paired with all Tesla vehicles following the same procedure to pair a Tesla key card.

Cybertruck Tesla
Tesla Model 3
Model 3
Tesla model Y
Model Y
Tesla model X
Model X (2021+)
Tesla model S
Model S (2021+)

Model X and Model S produced before 2021 are not supported.

Pairing procedure

On the touchscreen click on "Controls", > "Locks", > "Keys", > "Add Keys", > follow touchscreen instructions to complete the Cybertruck Bracelet pairing.

Lock and unlock

In order to lock and unlock your Tesla vehicle with the Cybertruck Bracelet just tap it over the reader sensor placed on the driver's door pillar.

Start and drive

Just unlock with Cybertruck Bracelet and push the brake within 2 minutes. If time expires, follow the touchscreen instructions in order to be enabled again to start and drive.


Which is the difference between an official Tesla key card and the Cybertruck Bracelet?

The only difference is the fact the Cybertruck Bracelet is in a different form factor. They work exactly the same.

Before shipping any Cybertruck Bracelet order we proceed with a meticulous detection test with a Tesla vehicle. So if your Cybertruck Bracelet doesn’t seem to work there are three options:

  • You are positioning the Cybertruck Bracelet in a wrong position over your Tesla vehicle driver’s door pillar, so once paired it as a key you should slide over the driver’s door pillar to find the exact position of the NFC reader sensor to lock and unlock.
  • In very few cases it could happen the software of your Tesla vehicle register your Cybertruck Bracelet (it can happen also with Tesla Key card and Tesla key fob) without enabling for locking, unlocking and starting your Tesla vehicle. So if what mentioned in the option n.1 doesn’t seem to work just try to unpair the Cybertruck Bracelet and then pair it again with your Tesla vehicle.
  • The last option and the most unlikely is the case where your Cybertruck Bracelet effectively doesn’t work. You can be sure about this because it is not detected during the pairing procedure by the reader placed behind the cup holder (if you have a Model X, S or 3 highland the reader sensor is placed in the wireless phone charger on the center console). In this case you can contact us via e-mail at info@cybertruckbracelet.com to proceed with a free return. 

The Cybertruck Bracelet is compatible with the following Tesla vehicles: Model 3, Model Y, Model X (2021 onwards), Model S (2021 onwards) and Cybertruck. Only Tesla vehicles which can’t be paired with Cybertruck Bracelet as a key are Model X and Model S produced before 2021.

The procedure is very simple and it is the same as registering a Tesla key card.

About this, just scroll up this page and consult the “Pairing procedure” section that explains in a clear and detailed way the registration procedure of the Cybertruck Bracelet as a key for your Tesla vehicle.

Regarding to the opening and closing of Tesla vehicles with the Cybertruck Bracelet you can scroll up this page and consult the “Lock and unlock” section that explains in a clear and detailed way the correct position of the wrist towards the driver’s door pillar.

Yes, you can pair your Cybertruck Bracelet as a key for all your Tesla vehicles, without limitations.