More than a Tesla key

Cybertruck Bracelet

  • MATERIALS: 316L stainless steel and high-tech ceramic (nichel free).
  • DIMENSIONS: wristband (width = 9mm/0.35 inch, thickness = 3mm/0.11 inch); module (width = 18mm/0.7 inch, thickness = 10mm/0.39 inch).
  • FEATURES: contactless, batteryless, waterproof (IP68), high-security (CC EAL 6+).
  • NFC OPTIONAL FEATURES: 2-factor login (FIDO2, FIDOU2F, HMAC-SHA1, OTP authenticator), hardware wallet (Keycard wallet, Satochip wallet, Seedkeeper), encryption, decryption and digital signature (SmartPGP), data sharing/storage (NDEF Message).
  • MOBILE APP: Optional applets above mentioned can be deployed through a dedicated mobile app in “over the air” mode. Soon available on Apple Store and Play Store.

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  • Delivery time: within 30 working days from purchase date;
  • 2 years warranty;