About us


We are Novemm, a team of ambitious guys and worldwide established senior professionals united by the common aim to simplify and improve people’s relation with NFC contactless services. Infact, a growing list of human sensitive daily activities like payments, vehicles lock and unlock, 2-factor authentication login, digital signature, encryption, decryption, access control, data sharing and more, are performed thanks to NFC cards which can be considered outdated because limited to a single function. Moving from this assumption we have worked a long time to introduce our concept of NFC multi-functional bracelets powered by the most advanced NFC contactless platform in the world.

Meet the founders

Francesco Cantagallo - Novemm CEO

Francesco Cantagallo


Novemm founder. The man behind the idea to replace traditional NFC cards limited to a single function with NFC multi-functional bracelets, eliminating the need for end users to handle NFC contactless services separately with an high number of different cards. Specialized in the fields of NFC technology, fintech and blockchain.

Amal Graafstra - Novemm CTO

Amal Graafstra


Founder of VivoKey Technologies, Dangerous Things and recently Novemm. Globally considered one of the biggest experts and most influent people in the NFC space with 20+ years of experience in biohacking and augmented humanity through NFC contactless implantable technology.